Date of Update: 1 March 2015  

Congratulations to 5B Kessay Chan Kwan-ming for being the winner in SCMP/HKJC Student of the Year (Performing Artist) 2014! Performing with a looper together with harmonies and beatboxing, Kessay has successfully impressed judges with his exquisite creativity and delicate technical skills to arrange a cappella song called Happy. With an aspiration to pursue further studies in music at a local university, Kessay is dedicated to using his talents to inspire people with his music and contribute to society. Click HERE for the special report from Young Post and HERE the video for his awe-inspiring performance. To learn more, scroll down to take a look at the news report from AM730, and visit the Brochure of SCMP Student of the Year Award and Young Post Web Site.


Honourable guests, principals, teachers, parents, and students,

Good morning! Im Cham Kwan Ming, Kessay from The ELCHK Yuen Long Lutheran Secondary School. I would like to start by thanking all participants for their passion for performing arts. Im glad that God has blessed me so much and planned my life well. I have to mention my mum and dad who gave me so much freedom to do what I want to do. Also, I am grateful for the great help from my secondary school, especially Principal Wan and Vice Principals who have given me countless support, and my music teacher, Miss Leung who has guided me in my journey.

Last night, I was randomly listening to a radio programme. I suddenly heard a pop song which was sung by Phil Lam and my a cappella friends, set tone man. Right after that song, it was the song that I have sung in my first a cappella performance ever in my life, right at the cultural centre plaza. Those two songs really touched me as they meant a lot to me. They make me determine that Im going to work in the music industry and carry a cappella music towards our community. I know that only passion and perseverance may not be enough to achieve my goal. However, with the power of music, I believe it will lead me to the promised land. Somehow, I will hold onto my aspiration and passion for a cappella music and eventually be the difference through music.

Besides, I really do think singing is a human nature. Each and every one of you is a beautiful instrument which can create marvelous harmonies. Please, do sing.

Art originates from life. I hope you can treasure your time and life as well as look into every tiny parts of what youve experienced, because that is the point of living. May God be with you as always. Live with art and live as an art.

Thank you!