The ELCHK YLLSS Alumni Association
Welcome to the YLLSS Alumni homepage!
The alumni association is officially reformed from ˇ§YLLSS Alumni Association Limitedˇ¨ to ˇ§The ELCHK YLLSS Alumni Associationˇ¨, a registered society.
Election of 2019-2021 Alumni Association Executive Committee was successfully held on 9 November 2019 (Saturday). Inauguration Ceremony was held on 1 December 2019 (Sunday). List of executive committee members is as follows:
  Chairman Ms. Chan Ching Man
  Vice-Chairperson (External) Ms. Chan Yee Mui
  Vice-Chairperson (Internal) Mr. Lo Chi Keung
  Secretary Mr. Lui Yat Wai
  Treasurer Ms. Chow Sin Ping
  Recreational Officer Mr. Au Siu Chung
    Mr. Chan Chun Yu
    Mr. Lam Man Hin Arnald
  General Affairs Officer Ms. Chan Hau Hung
    Mr. Chan Chun Chung
  Public Relations Officer Mr. Chan Chi Keung
    Mr. Ho Man Fung
    Mr. Wong Man Ho
To facilitate the development of the Alumni Association, 5 senior alumni are invited to join the Commission and the name list is as follows (in alphabetical order):
  1. Mr. Chan Wing Lim, William
  2. Mr. Fung Wa Chau, Andy
  3. Mr. Liu Kin Wa
  4. Mr. Thung Ming
  5. Mr. Tsui Leun On, Gordon
Alumni who have not registered as a life member are welcome to download the membership registration form HERE
If you have any enquires, welcome to contact Mr. Lui Yai Wai at 2448 0662