Arts Development
Christmas Singing and Dancing Contest
Date: 20 Dec 2019
            The Christmas Singing and Dancing Contests were successfully held on 20th December 2019. This year, we invited Mr. TSANG Ho Fung from Yat Po Singers - a professional and well-known Acapella team to be our guest adjudicator. The contest provided our students with a valuable opportunity to demonstrate their talents in singing and performing arts. With the assistance of teachers and student helpers, with the support of more than 60 alumni, the contest was truly a success! Congratulation to all prize-winners and bless them a brilliant and fruitful future!
The 2nd ELCHK Joint School Concert
Date: 14 Dec 2019
            The primary and secondary schools of the ELCHK have always put emphasis on the development of students¡¦ diverse talents. Visual art exhibitions and concerts are held every other year to allow students to show their God-given talents. Music filled the air on 14th December at Fanling Lutheran Secondary School; students were learning from each other while having fun. Parents were very pleased to see their children's musical talent being showcased on stage. Our school would like to express appreciation to all members for their commitment in organizing the event. With love and compassion, it is believed that a brighter future will be painted for the future generation.
A cappella and Fellowship Team Music Balcony Performance
Date: 1 Nov 2019
            Our School Acappella and Fellowship team hold a joint performance in the Music Balcony. The Acappella team Fuoco sang a Cantonese pop song ¡¥Orange Sea¡¦ which was originally from Supper Moment. The other team ¡V Utality sang a medley song ¡¥Bee Gees¡¦ from Bee Gees. The Fellowship team also performed 2 hymns ¡¥The Path of Grace¡¦ and ¡¥How great is our God¡¦. At the end of the performance, the Acappella team and Fellowship team sang ¡¥Who has Promised¡¦ gracefully together.