English Learning Experience
The English Speaking Week
Date: 8 - 12 Apr 2019
        The English Speaking Week was held from 8-12 April, 2019, the whole school had to use English during this entire week! Several engaging activities were held during the week to encourage students to speak in English at the school campus. Here are the highlights of the activities.
        Food bazaar game stalls were organized on the first day of the English Speaking Week by S4 students at lunchtime to promote the idea of using English in daily life. The different tolls were based on different topics including famous cuisines in several countries, such as American, British, Mexican, Italian, etc.
Besides, the parents from the PTA also volunteered to set-up a redemption booth for students serving ¡V cotton candies!
        The second day was the school Refreshing Day and the theme is playing English Songs. Our A Cappella groups - Fuoco & Basil gave fabulous performances of a variety of English Songs. The school atmosphere was enlightened with their music in the podium.
        On the third day, S2 students had drama performances with the theme - fairytales. All S1 and S2 students enjoyed and appreciated the performances. Some prizes were given by the judges to encourage and motivate the best performing students.
        On the fourth day, the English Drama Club staged a play on the pursuit of one¡¦s dream to students called ¡V Dream Chaser. The team consisted of 33 members, including 9 actors and backstage helpers. The audience (S3 and S4) students really appreciated it and they had a chance to ask questions to the performing students.
        Lastly, Friday English Platform took place at lunchtime and the theme was ¡V Easter. The 3 NETs designed the activities at Easter. Attractive prizes such as chocolates and drinks were given to well-performing students.
English Speaking Day
Date: 12 October 2018
Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2017-18
Date: 6 March 2018
English Speaking Day
Date: 12 October 2017
S.2 Drama Competition
Date: 23 November 2016
English Speaking Day
Date: 13 October 2015
Academic Talk - A message to students of YLLSS
Date: 30 October 2015
Friday English Platform
Date: 16 October 2015
S.2 Drama Competition
Date: 24 April 2015
S.3¡§Speak Out Act Now¡¨Improvised Drama Competition
Date: 20 March 2015
Smart Reading - Smart Mind
Date: November 2014 - April 2015
66th HK Schools Speech Festival (2014-2015)
Date: December 2014
P6 English Activity Day
Date: 13 December 2014
English Learning Atmosphere
We have been using English as the Medium of Instruction since 2010. There is no denying that the most effective way for students to learn English is to immerse themselves in a holistic English learning environment. In view of the lack of opportunities for students to use English in daily life, our mission is to create a positive and English language rich learning environment for our students on campus.
(A) Catering for Learners¡¦ Diversity  
Knowing that students have different levels of ability in English, we put S.1 students with similar ability into groups to learn English. The practice is advantageous in producing substantial gains for gifted students and providing special aid for students who need extra learning support.
(B) Campus English Handbook  
All students are given a Campus English Handbook in their first English lesson in YLLSS. The Campus English Handbook is a perfect guide for students to use English in their everyday school life. It provides a variety of expressions, vocabulary and example sentences that help students¡¦ daily conversation in English on campus.
(C) From Everyday Conversation to Public Speaking  
We stress the importance of using English in all occasions. We require students to speak in English under diversified situations from everyday conversation to public speaking.
      (1) Campus Conversation

English is the most important language on campus. If students want to buy food in the Tuck Shop, they have to check out the English-only menu. If students want to borrow books in the library, they have to communicate with the librarian in English. If students want to find a teacher from the Staff Room, they have to call the teacher in English through the microphone outside the Staff Room. Besides, students have many chances to practise oral English with foreign teachers as there are three Native-speaking English teachers (NETs) in our school.
  (2) Wisdom Quotes
In addition to all the chances to speak in English, we put up many English quotes of wisdom around our campus, showing our care towards students¡¦ learning.
  (3) English Morning Assembly
Boosting students¡¦ confidence is essential by doing public speaking. Thus, student presenters are invited to share their thoughts about current issues every Thursday morning in front of the whole school. Meanwhile, student announcements are made in English.
(D) Campus English Activities  
Thanks to the effortful contributions by the teachers and English Society members, we are able to launch a wide range of English activities, which greatly enhance a positive English atmosphere.
  (1) Early Bird Oral Practice  
One of the numerous activities we organize regularly is the Early Bird Oral Practice. From Monday to Thursday, groups of S.6 students gather together in the conference room to have speaking drills. The value of the practice is broadly appreciated by the S.6 students for the activity not only creates chances for them to speak in English with their peers in a relaxing environment, but also effectively prepares them for the HKDSE speaking exam.
  (2) Talk of the Day    
Apart from a comfortable speaking environment, fun games and attractive prizes are also vital in motivating students to speak in English. Therefore, an interesting and up-to-date theme is chosen every month which creates the Talk of the Day. All students are invited to share their ideas in English, play booth games related to the selected subject and redeem attractive prizes in the Discussion Zone near the Tuck Shop.
  (3) English Speaking Days    
In order to enhance students' confidence and oral skills, English Speaking Days are held frequently. On those days, students bring along their English Speaking Day Booklets and do short presentations in front of either teachers or English Ambassadors who are senior form students to win big prizes. In this activity, the English Ambassadors have the chance to build up their leadership skill as well.
  (4) Competitions    
As the old saying goes, ¡§competition breeds excellence¡¨. We often organize contests to foster improvements among students. We hold large-scale competitions including Storytelling, Drama, Improvised Drama, Debating Contest and Writing Competition.
(E) Conclusion  
Creating an authentic English learning environment is significant in enhancing students¡¦ standard of English. We strive to help students with different learning abilities by providing sufficient assistance, cultivating their habit in using English and encouraging them with attractive activities and prizes. With our striving spirits and concerted efforts, it is believed that we will come up with new inspirations in creating more learning opportunities that benefit our students in the future.