Active Learning

We strive to create an active learning atmosphere at school to motivate students to be proactive, take responsibility of their own learning and confront challenges ahead.

(A) Sharpen students’ processing and study skills:
To achieve academic excellence, letting students learn how to learn, and teaching students how to teach – are our ultimate goals of helping students see themselves as learners.

(B) Apply the “3-module” pedagogical strategies in lessons as a formal learning and teaching norm
The three steps, “forethought”, “performance” and “feedback”, foster students’ learning. Self and peer-evaluations are also employed.

(C) Strengthen the atmosphere and inertia of active learning:
Students can apply active learning in real-life experiences such as taking charge of the Association of Music Leaders, Association of Sports Leaders, Association of Social Leaders, the Global Classroom Organising Committee and the Round Table Conference with the Principal.

(D) Student-oriented clubs and societies:
Based on their own interests and ability, students learn to propose, establish and run their own clubs and societies.

2017-18 4WD Interest Group, K-Pop Interest Group, English Drama Club, Korean Culture Club
2018-19 Astronomy Club, Juggling Club, Gymnastics Club
2019-20 European & American Pop Music Club, Animal Caring Club
2020-21 German Culture Club
2022-23 Film Club, Rubik’s Cube Club, Dodgebee Club, Funny Clown Club