Active Learning

Active Learning emphasises:

  1. Pre-lesson preparation (equipping students with prerequisite knowledge)
  2. Higher order questions / discussions / interactive activities in lessons
  3. Post-lesson consolidation exercises

1.VARK analysis
Different students have talents in aspects including:

  • Visual
  • Aural
  • Read
  • Kinaesthetic

The VARK analysis gives an insight on how a person prefers to receive and process information, and hence provides recommendations for studying and learning based on their learning style.

2. Note-processing Workshop

  • 2-hour Cornell Note-taking workshop for students
  • Helps students organise information and comprehend content
  • Effective note-taking practice can greatly enhance self-learning

3. Student-oriented clubs and societies:
Based on their own interests and ability, students learn to propose, establish and run their own clubs and societies.

2017-18 4WD Interest Group, K-Pop Interest Group, English Drama Club, Korean Culture Club
2018-19 Astronomy Club, Juggling Club, Gymnastics Club
2019-20 European & American Pop Music Club, Animal Caring Club
2020-21 German Culture Club
2022-23 Film Club, Rubik’s Cube Club, Dodgebee Club, Funny Clown Club
2023-24 Traditional Handicraft Interest Club, Fashion Design Interest Club, Chinese Drum Team, Tea Arts Interest Club, Science Fiction Society, Speed Stacks Society, Judo Society