Foreign Language Learning

Since 2019-2020, our school has been offering foreign language courses, including Japanese, Korean and German courses to students so that their competitive edge can be increased in this globalized world, where multilingualism is highly celebrated. We aim to expand students’ view of the world and other cultures, raise their language competence, prepare them to take language proficiency tests and to provide them with greater flexibility in their future pursuit of higher education, including furthering their studies overseas, and career prospects. We believe that by providing language courses of different levels progressively, students can become competitive, open-minded and understanding individuals, who are, at the same time, effective communicators.

(A) Creating an authentic and interactive language learning experience
To allow students to have an authentic language learning opportunity, tutors are mostly native speakers with rich teaching experience. In the lessons, much emphasis is placed on teacher-student and peer interaction, through which students’ listening and speaking skills can be greatly polished. There are also online learning materials to supplement students’ acquisition of the language, boosting their learning effectiveness as well as confidence.

(B) Expanding students’ view of the world and other cultures
Learning another language allows students to be multilinguals and to see things from a different cultural perspective. Such enriching advantage enables them to appreciate cultural diversity and embrace differences in a world without borders. Cultural exchange activities with local university students are also arranged online to allow students to practice their language with locals as well as learn the local culture through relaxed and authentic means.


(C) Raising students’ language competence and preparing students to take language proficiency tests
With the purpose of raising students’ language competence, we strive to prepare students to take language proficiency tests, and to encourage continuous progression with a clear path to improve their language skills.

(D) Providing students with greater flexibility in their future pursuit of higher education overseas and career prospects
With an increasing number of students expressing their interest in studying abroad, together with such opportunities provided to them through the sister school partnerships our school has established with universities overseas, we see a growing need to provide language support to students to prepare them for their future and give them greater flexibility for multiple pathways after graduation. Being competent in Chinese, English and another language can also open up new career opportunities because of their multilingual language skills and the ability to work across cultures.

(E) Nurturing students to be effective communicators
By building up students’ language ability and confidence, we aim to nurture students to be effective communicators, who can express their thoughts freely and confidently to people of different cultural backgrounds. We also hope to instill in students a positive learning attitude and build up their communication skills, which are essential in their future endeavors.

The world we are preparing students for is dynamic, with exponential changes under globalization. To empower students to have more diverse choices in their future, we spare no pains to sharpen their competitive edge by offering a myriad of language courses of different levels progressively. We strive to equip our students with language and communication skills to prepare them for their future and embrace the numerous opportunities ahead.