Foreign Language Learning

After-school Pull-out Foreign Language Classes:

  • Japanese Classes
  • Korean Classes
  • German Classes

Our school offers foreign language classes to students, so that their competitive edge can be increased in this globalized world. We aim to raise their language competence, prepare them to take language proficiency tests, and provide them with greater flexibility in their future pursuit of higher education overseas. Aside from regular lessons, there are also online small group and/or individual speaking sessions to aid students’ learning. Apart from preparing them to obtain internationally recognized language qualifications, our classes also equip students with the language skills they need to take part in the HKDSE Category C: other language subjects.

KIANG Sin-hang, Class 6A
“I love Japanese language and culture and I am grateful to the school for providing us with chances to learn different languages, including Japanese, in SALep and After-school Foreign Language Classes. We learned written and spoken Japanese from native tutors and had online cultural exchange activities with Japanese university students. I have completed the N4 curriculum, and I am now able to read and write simple sentences and engage in conversations with native Japanese. Besides, the experience of joining the Japan study tour has also deepened my understanding of Japan and improved my Japanese. I got chances to explore Japanese history and culture in our visits to historical sites, local high schools, and universities. I am grateful to the school for helping me lay a solid foundation in Japanese and allowing me to continue to explore more about the history and culture of Japan.”

MAN Cheuk-in, Class 5B
“For the past two years, I have been attending Korean TOPIK classes at school; and I am delighted to have such a fantastic opportunity to learn a foreign language. As our school has provided opportunities for us to study abroad, the language classes have helped students who plan to study overseas to lay a strong language foundation. Also, learning a third language allows me to know more about the culture of Korea as well. As the saying goes, ‘A different language means a different perspective.’ While traveling in Korea, I was thrilled that I could communicate with the Koreans, and through interacting with them, I learned more about their culture. I would like to thank the school for still holding the language class with only one student, me. I cherish this learning opportunity very much.”