STEAM Development

Science Extension consists of two parts:

Part 1 – AI and Big Data course taught by external tutors from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and AI company

Part 2 – design thinking model would be introduced

Students are expected to

  • empathize to find the need
  • define the problem
  • ideate solutions and
  • develop prototypes

Students could experience how STEM solves an everyday problem

The learning outcomes of S3 Science Extension would be exhibited in the STEM Expo in the post-exam period.

  • Students turned their ideations into tangible prototypes.
  • Student work (Prototypes) would be displayed in the Expo
  • Other STEM demonstrations include Temi Robot, Marty the robot, Flight simulator, Moodie AI, Micro:bit, etc.
  • Students have the opportunity to adopt a Marty the Robot.
  • They can turn the robot into their friend.
  • They can customize it to their liking using the programming