Global Program



Global Classroom

Every year, our school organizes on-site and real-time virtual study tours to different places for students to learn outside of the classroom. Elements of active learning have been integrated into study tours by involving students in the planning of itinerary and organization of activities.


Global Sister Schools


Our school has formed sister school partnership with 20 schools in Mainland China and overseas and has established the “School Visit Scheme”, under which reciprocal school visits have been organized. Our international network covers countries like Canada, the USA, Korea, Japan, and Mainland China, offering chances for students to participate in exchange activities and global events that broaden their horizons.


Global Project

With modern technology, students from our school and sister schools with different cultures and backgrounds collaborate to conduct research on global issues. Students can learn beyond borders and widen their global perspective.


Global Scholars Academy

Students from our school attend online seminars, lectures and courses held by scholars and professors of different disciplines, including professors from our sister universities overseas, with students from other sister schools. They can also share forward-looking and new ideas in different academic domains with scholars.