School Facilities

Geography is the study of the earth, cultivating pupils’ awareness on the environment. To create an authentic geographical ambience for pupils, the GeoScience Lab is well-equipped with a Smart TV, AR Sandbox and VR headsets. It can act as a resourceful Geography library, providing different kinds of Geography Reference Books encompassing human geography, physical geography, earth studies, and environmental science for learners. With the display of rock specimens in the Lab, students can also have a taste of geology and dynamic earth in microcosm.

Field study is one of the fundamental and crucial elements in Geography. It provides down-to-earth experience for students to develop and extend their geographical thinking. Students can process and analyze first-hand data by using the fieldwork instruments provided in the laboratory.

Moreover, Google Earth and VR are being used in conducting virtual field trips. With the aid of web-based VR 360° panoramic photographs and online maps for virtual urban field study, learners can be engaged in an authentic and educational exploration of our community, our country or even our planet.

The Augmented Reality Sandbox in the GeoScience Lab is an innovative tool to study geosciences. It allows students to create topography models by shaping real sand, which is then augmented in real time by an elevation colour map, topographic contour lines, and simulated water. It combines 3D visualization applications with a hands-on sandbox aimed to teach earth science concepts. It is a handy tool to learn about topography maps, the meaning of contour lines, catchment areas and floods, etc. Students can read the landscapes shown in the AR sandbox with their iPads via the ARGEO Portable app, catering learning flexibility and facilitating Blended Learning Model in class.

Not only can the students grasp the knowledge about the earth with an array of resources in the lab, but also through Geography Channel, a campus channel in which they share about recent geography issues and phenomena.

The room has different special features, including the Reading Corner, Snack Bar, Game Zone and Learning Area. Students can read English books, play board games with teachers and friends, participate in various fun and engaging English activities or even chit-chat with NETs. The round tables are also favourable for group discussion, encouraging students to freely share their ideas. The design of the room creates a relaxing ambience, bringing new learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.

There are vending machines for students to purchase snacks and drinks, and tables for them to study, communicate with teachers and classmates and rest. In addition, there is a piano for students to play and share their ideas with classmates in their spare time. Communal space is a relaxing and learning venue for students.

Our Biotechnology Laboratory allows our students to attain both the traditional and pioneer biological knowledge, which is not possible in an ordinary laboratory. Supported by School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University, and Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Pharmacist Association, we set up the Herbal Cabinet,  which contains more than 100 types of Chinese Medicine. Moreover, some equipment and apparatus such as micropipette, thermal cycler and gel electrophoresis tank are ready for students to study and carry out researches in biotechnology. Biotechnology Laboratory would be another learning platform for students.

The specific plants, distributed in five zones of the Herbal Lane, are chosen due to their pharmaceutical functions based on the classical and phenomenal literatures of traditional Chinese medicine philosophy. Students can access the Chinese medicine data bank of HKBU for active learning activities with the aid of AR technology. Biology students can conduct scientific investigations to actualize what they learn from books.  Chinese Medicine Interest Group can extend the knowledge of Chinese medicine and expand their horizon from the professionals of “Walk with Scholars”. Full of opportunities are offered for students to learn in different dimensions.

The rooms are equipped with a video conference system and a 10.45 square meter LED Video Wall Display. Besides the use of daily meetings and live-broadcasting of morning assembly, real-time virtual tours or video exchanges with sister schools from overseas or mainland regularly. It is hoped that it can deepen students’ understanding of our nation, foster their sense of national identity as well as broaden their global horizons. It is a dedicated venue for exchange and related activities.

MakerLab provides an array of essential equipment, from smart home devices and 3D printers to robotic devices and flight simulations which specialised for STEM learning and innovation. Students could discuss STEM-related projects so as to exercise their creativity and foster the connection between technology and life. Makerlab provides a collaborative space for them.

Fitness room, located next to the playground, offers a wide variety of fitness equipment including an all-in-one smart gym, smart fitness mirror, blazepods, dumbbell, weight machines and cardio training equipment, etc. The School Team would train up their physical fitness under teacher’s supervision.

The Music Balcony provides an eye-catching place for students to speak with their music.  All students are delighted to share and communicate through music during various activities such as gala concert, solo recital and chamber performance. There is a great place for students to gather around and appreciate all kinds of music performances.

The Library ensures diversified provision of library materials such as Resources for Career  Planning and Further Studies, DSE Resources and English Language SBA Resource which provide a quality information centre to students. Besides, there is a Self-directed Assessment Station to encourage students’ active learning. A wide series of e-resources and books are provided such as English Literature and Science for students to promote a welcoming reading atmosphere and broaden their perspectives. Leisure reading area is located at the centre to create a tranquil reading environment for students. Immerse yourselves in the atmosphere of Chinese culture in the quaint special room named Chinese Cultural Centre (志情軒) where students can study Chinese Literature and calligraphy. In addition, students can watch English movies during lunchtime and after school to improve English proficiency in Horizon(卷山館).

Located in the 7/F, the Mini Theatre is equipped with 170 seats, a projector and audio equipment for students who have joined “Walk with Scholars” and various talks.  Students can enjoy and immerse themselves in the talks with the ambience. The Mini Theatre would be beneficial for students to participate in different talks. The first three foldable rows can be put under the staircase and which provides more space for activities.

Various activities such as weekly assembly, S1 Blessing Ceremony, Christmas Service, Refreshing Days, Music Balcony, YLLSS Information Day, talks and ceremonies, , would be held in the School Hall. These activities provide students with a fruitful school life. There are digital stage lighting for performance and digital sound equipment for students who have joined the stage lighting and sound management course of 《Arts Friday》to practise what they have learned and assist in different school activities. School Hall is favorable for students to explore and demonstrate their talents. The 85-inch LED Screen and TVs on the both sides can clearly show the content to everyone.

Every classroom is equipped with a smart TV and a projector to meet the learning needs. Teachers could integrate technology with learning in class. Thus, both teaching and learning can be keeping pace with the times and it enhances students’ interests in learning. Lockers are provided for students to store their books to reduce their burden and facilitate their usage. Besides, there is a board for them to design and decorate which enhances their sense of belonging to the class.

The School Playground consists of two basketball courts and a badminton court, where students conduct Physical Education lessons, school teams training, assemblies, inter-class competitions and inter-house competitions etc. Apart from the typical sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, handball and football, students are also encouraged to engage in newly emerged sports, such as bubble football, dodgebee, floorball and Kinball, which provide them with a range of activities.

The colorful mosaic cross mounted on the wall of Multi-purpose Activity Room symbolised the meaning of God loves his people. Projector audio equipment and a piano are equipped for group sharing, fellowship activities and meetings. There are also several table tennis tables available during recess to let students showcase their skills.

Life Education Centre is a place where teachers and students can discuss the topics of life education in groups. Through the discussion, students can develop their expertise and notice their direction in life.

Emmanuel is a good place for students and teachers to share their worries with the school pastor. Our school pastor delivers blessings and brings peace to them. With the support, teachers and students can set sail again with full energy.

School History Gallery exhibits four essential development stages – beginning, thriving, taking-root, and harvesting over 60 years. There are former school uniforms, student card and student leaders’ badge, etc. These symbolic items over different eras help reorganize the history of YLLSS and connect the alumnus with memories.

Alumni Hall of Fame is where we put the names of our Alumni Teaching Staff, the former Chairpersons of Alumni Association and members of Alumni Mentorship Programme in recent years, highlighting the inheritance of Lutheranians. Hoping that the spirit of Lutheranians will carry on.