For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed—a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith”.(Romans 1:17)

The “faith” in Christianity refers to the response to God’s word and the complete reliance on him. The Holy Spirit sends faith to us through the gospel of God and connects us with Lord. Whoever believes and accepts Christ, who died on the cross and has risen from the dead, will be granted the grace and salvation, as well as an eternal life.

The mascot of our house is a phoenix. In Chinese culture, a phoenix symbolises luck. It is believed that phoenix comes when the world prospers. It represents the unity of our house: standing as one invincible team. The immortality of phoenix symbolises our spirit of “Perseverance, Triumph over adversities”. More importantly, it resembles “Faith”, one of Lutheranians’ Values. Christianity emphasises “faith” for justification is achieved by faith alone and all who believe in God shall have an eternal life. The immortality of phoenix, therefore, has the symbolic meaning of the fruit of believing in Lord Jesus. On the house flag, the phoenix soaring on wings illustrates the image of unity, the perseverance and the religious belief of our house. We shall strive to make progress and for excellence.

Teacher Advisors: YL Poon  KS Lee
Teachers: CL Tang CM Nip HK Chan
KH Chan LY(D) Lam WK Lai
MY Fan OY Lin CK Lo
YK Cheung SH Fong CY Leung
YW Lui YL Lau HY Cheung
HK Yeung  KI Chan YC Lam
WI Lee PY Chong

Judgment will again be founded on righteousness,and all the upright in heart will follow it. (Psalms 94:15)

In Christianity, righteous men refer to people who believe in Lord Jesus, are granted the forgiveness of sins and follow God’s will. We are sinners and cannot turn into saints simply because of our own ability or achievement. Instead, God grants us grace freely so that we can be righteous. It is solely a strong belief in Lord Jesus and God’s grace that make one holy.

The mascot of our house is an eagle, for it symbolises persistence, wisdom and bravery which enable us to have faith in God as well as the ability to recognise and practise justice, thus, to become genuinely righteous.

Eagles can soar high in the sky. Finding their prey, they attack courageously and resolutely. Eagles resemble the members of our house who possess the innate capacity to pursue their dreams and the ability to target their goals and take actions in the sky of dreams. The great ocean at the bottom of the flag represents our continuous pursuit of knowledge. Despite the raging sea which is a metaphor of the hurdles in acquiring knowledge, our house members are determined to work studiously and make progress, which is shown by the sharp and sparkling eyes of the eagle.

Teacher Advisors: SM Chan YT Lau
Teachers: WK Chan WT Ho YY Lai
WS Tse LP Chan YY Ku
LY Lam FY Wong WC Chow
TS Chiu HL Hui CL Lau
YL(P) Lau A Alarcon A Kingsley
FN Wong WK Tsang LS Po
KH Leung KW Poon TH Cheong

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. (Luke 16:10)

Loyalty House has the spirit of being loyal. The Bible commands us to be loyal till death and the God will honour our lives. Our house members display our diversity in talents. With the diverse talents every individual possesses, we are loyal to our house, our school and our God. We spare no efforts to contribute and work as one to accomplish the assigned tasks.

The mascot of our house is a dragon, for it is the symbol of Chinese. We, Chinese, consider ourselves to be the descendants of dragons. We are proud of our culture. Similarly, our house members are proud of our identity – members of Loyalty House. We all endeavor to uphold the excellent tradition of the house. Traditionally, it is believed that dragons are able to unite the Chinese nation and they symbolise solidarity. These resemble the leadership of the house, which can bring all members together to support each other so that everyone works as one to triumph. Meanwhile, dragons are mighty and powerful, which symbolises our all-round members who have the capability to outshine our counterparts.

Teacher Advisors: KH Tang TS Ng
Teachers: M Thung KK Li YM Chan
HH Chan SY Wong SN Wong
KW Fu TC Li LY Heung
CY Ho CY Lo YP Mak 
MK Wai MY Koo S Mehnaz
CW Lee CM Wong CH Tsang
YT Man KY Chan YW Leung

Do not neglect your gift, which was given you through prophecy when the body of elders laid their hands on you.Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress. (1 Timothy 4:14-15)

Diligence House has the spirit of being diligent. Thanks to God’s grace, talents and gifts are bestowed upon us. The Bible commands us to always work hard so that our growth and progress can be acknowledged. To lead a fruitful life, one should endeavor and be brave to overcome ordeals. This spirit is represented by the brilliant colour of our flag – orange, which depicts our high morale as a growing flame. The moving clouds and the raging sea at the bottom symbolise our continuous pursuit of knowledge. The crane flying above illustrates our belief that hard work brings us success.

The mascot of our house is a crane for the words “crane” and “diligence” are homophones in Cantonese. Just as the saying goes, cranes symbolise superiority. To stand out from the crowd, all our house members bear one goal in mind: strive for excellence and to succeed. Traditionally, it is believed that pines and cranes symbolise longevity, which conveys the meaning of continuity. Our house members will continue to honour the spirit of diligence that will last forever.

Teacher Advisors: NH Yam TY Chan
Teachers: KF Tam KL Lam SM Wong
N Cheng SY Li YY Cheng
KH Lui YM Chow WN Lee
LK So KH Tsang CK Yeung
HW Tai CH Wong LC(T) Wong
R De Leon KM Lam PY Cheng
WK(K) Tsang LC Wong KC Lo