Global Program 3.0 “Global Project”

Education is always evolving in response to the ever-changing cultural and technological landscape. The advancement of technology has fostered effective global communication and collaboration, making the world become increasingly interconnected. In Education 3.0, technology plays a crucial role in transforming the traditional classroom into a collaborative and interactive learning environment. Collaboration and networking become instrumental to learning as learners can connect with teachers and peers from around the world through technology, making learning possible anytime, anywhere.

In the Global Project (G Project), students from different cultures and backgrounds collaborate to conduct research on global issues and share their findings with each other at the end. The G Project serves as a platform for students from different places to collaborate—they can meet and discuss online regularly through video conferencing and continue their discussion on online collaborative learning platform outside meeting time. The use of AI live captions during meeting further enables effective communication. Learning is no longer limited by geographical location nor language.

This year, we gained the support from four sister schools to join us in this meaningful project, including Pinghu Donghu Middle School in Mainland China, Lingnan Secondary School in Hong Kong, Fukui Prefectural Usui Senior High Schooland J. F. Oberlin Junior and Senior High School in Japan. The theme this year is ‘Cultural Tourism’, on which students from different schools are formed into groups share, based on what happened in the place they live in. Through discussion, students gained a wider global perspective. In the end of the project, students shared the unique culture of their country to one another, including Chinese knot bracelet, Chinese tea culture, watermelon lantern in Donghu, Eisa (drum dance originating from Okinawa) and naginata (Japanese spear).

The project encourages global collaboration with an emphasis on examining global issues and problems from multiple viewpoints, investigating solutions to those issues, and working in project teams toward a common goal to develop global awareness. Students can build a broader perspective of the world and develop respect for cultural diversity.