Global Program 3.0- Global Project

The Global Program 3.0-Global Project was officially launched today. In the G Project, participating students from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Japan with different cultures and backgrounds collaborate to conduct research on global issues, and share their findings to one another. This year, the G Project has gained support from four sister schools in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Japan, including Pinghu Donghu Middle School (Mainland China), Lingnan Secondary School (Hong Kong), Fukui Prefectural Usui Senior High School (Japan) and J. F. Oberlin Senior High School (Japan).

The G Project was officiated by our Principal, Mr. WAN, and Principals from other participating schools spinning the globes together. This not only symbolises that the schools have established a global learning network, but more importantly, represents an inextricable relationship among Mainland China, Hong Kong and Japan in this globalised world.  After the kick-off ceremony, apart from learning about the project in the workshops, participants also developed mutual understanding of each other in ice-breaking games and shared their views on the topic under the guidance of student leaders.

In the G Project, different information technology tools have been integrated into its design, including AI-translation live caption, online collaborative tools and online graphic design tools. Such design of the project facilitates idea exchanges and enriches students’ learning in the stages of research and presentation.

Technology allows students to communicate and express their ideas freely in ways that transcend geographical and language barriers. This transformation of education to enhance students’ learning epitomises Education 3.0.