School Mission

We strive to provide students with holistic Christian education to develop their God given potential to the fullest extent, nurture them to become enthusiastic learners and responsible citizens so as to glorify God and benefit mankind.

Bearing witness to Jesus Christ

  • To build a Christian school with love and care, and nurture students with holistic Christian education so as to bear witness to Jesus Christ and to glorify God.

Offering quality education

  • To create a quality learning environment.
  • To build a bilingual and triliterate language environment and develop students’ multiple intelligences.
  • To implement effective learning and arouse students’ interest in learning.
  • To create an atmosphere of caring and mutual respect, so as to promote the spirit of loving and helping one another, and to nuture correct values and attitudes.
  • To cultivate students’ sense of belonging to school and the community.

Nurturing new century talents

  • To foster students’ enthusiasm for life and striving for excellence.
  • To guide students to understand the importance of life-long learning and equip them with analytical, creative, critical thinking, information technology, problem-solving and self-learning skills.
  • To cultivate students’ open-mindedness and passion to a new phenomenon, a precise grasp of the new trends and the adaptability to changes.
  • To teach students sophisticated interpersonal skills and to nurture them with life-long values so that they can be cooperative in communal life and become responsible citizens.