SALep (Science, Art and Language Enrichment Programme)

Science, Art and Language Enrichment Programme (SALep) has been implemented since the academic year 2019-2020.

Our junior form school-based enrichment programme, SALep, has the same name as a Turkish drink, which brings nourishment and pleasure to people. Not only can these programmes help enrich our students’ knowledge of science, arts and language, they can also arouse their interests in learning and promotes whole-person development.

To prepare for language proficiency tests, S.3-S.5 students may also enroll in Japanese, Korean, German and IELTS classes based on their ability and interests.

Learning outcomes will be assessed by grades. Some courses are taught by external tutors and the course is to be sponsored by the school.

September to November

2 Compulsory Modules for S.1-S.2:
• Chinese Calligraphy
• English Drama

From December onwards

17 Elective Modules (based on students’ interests):
• German
• French
• Spanish*
• Japanese
• Advanced Japanese
• Korean
• Advanced Korean
• Food Science
• Advanced Chinese Calligraphy
• Creative Cooking
• AI in Arts*
• Digital Drawing*
• Creative programming and Electronics*
• Mathematics Plus (A)
• Mathematics Plus (B) (Game Theory)
• Advanced English Drama
• Aviation Technology

*Newly added in the academic year 2023-2024.