65th Anniversary School Celebration Kick-Off Ceremony

This year, our school celebrates its Sapphire Jubilee, marking the 65th anniversary of its establishment. The theme for this year’s anniversary is “Shine in Happydemic.” “Shine” represents the school’s mission to bring honor to God and benefit to humanity, as well as its responsibility to educate and nurture students. “Happydemic” symbolizes the school’s recent focus on joyful learning, aiming to provide students with a sense of enjoyment in their studies, encouraging them to explore the world, and unleash their potential.

The 65th Anniversary School Celebration Kick-Off Ceremony was held on the first day of school. The ceremony began with a speech by Principal Mr. WAN, officially inaugurating the celebration. He emphasized that anniversaries are a time to reflect on the past and envision the future. The anniversary commemoration is a day for current students, parents, former teachers, alumni, and other members of the school community to gather and commemorate the efforts and sacrifices made by previous generations for their dreams and beliefs.

To commemorate the occasion of the school’s 65th anniversary, a poem was created, highlighting the school’s history, responsibilities, and future. It was recited by the Supervisor, Principal, Vice-Principals, Assistant Principals, representatives of teachers, students, the Parents-Teachers Association President and members, and alumni. The recitation was recorded and edited into a video, which was played during the ceremony. Vice-Principal Mr. TAM, Vice-Principal Ms. TANG, and Assistant Principal Ms. WAI narrated the video, recounting the school’s founding history, development, the achievements of past principals, and recent developments. Looking back, it is thanks to the Lord’s care that we have been able to nurture talented and faithful people.

Following that, the Head of the Chinese Language Department, Ms. KU, and the Head of the English Literature Department, Ms. LI, introduced two works specially written by students for the school celebration. These works were “A Tribute to Teachers in 65 Years” by TANG Wing-tung from Class 5A and “A Sonnet to YLLSS – Where Happiness Breeds Brilliance” by YEUNG Cho-yiu Cinderella, a graduate of the 22/23.

Finally, Principal Mr. WAN, Vice-Principal Mr. THUNG and Assistant Principal Mr. CHAN who are also the Chairperson of the 65th Anniversary Organizing Committee led the Vice-Principals, Assistant Principals, and other members of the Organizing Committee to cut the ribbon together. Amidst a series of deafening balloon bursts, the Sapphire Jubilee of our school officially begins!