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Catering for Learners’ Diversity

Knowing that students have different levels of ability in English, we put S.1 students with similar ability into groups to learn English. The practice is advantageous in producing substantial gains for gifted students and providing special aid for students who need extra learning support.

元朗區傑出小學生學首選舉 2020 – 2021
Yuen Long District Primary School Student Paragon Election

S6 Graduation Ceremony – Gratefulness ・ Pioneering a new journey

Date: 26 May 2021

Online exchange with students from Donghu Middle School

Date: 14 May 2021

Recognition Ceremony for Outstanding Students

Date: 14 May 2021

“Support for EM” Buddy Program

Date: 8 May 2021

“A Night at the Louvre: Leonardo da Vinci” Documentary-watching Session

Date: 6 May 2021

Online Exchange with Students from Fukui Kenritsu Usui High School

Date: 27 Apr 2021