“Anti-Bullying and Inclusion” Half-Day Experience Activity

The Discipline Committee and Counseling Committee of our school, in collaboration with the Inclusion Program on Campus of the Education University of Hong Kong, successfully organized the “Anti-Bullying and Inclusion” half-day experience activity.

Led by registered social workers and university students, the activity aims to help form one student understand the concept of bullying and learn more about the experiences of individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Through diverse experiential activities, including group discussions, booth games, and self-reflection, students were encouraged to learn respect and appreciation for each person’s uniqueness from different perspectives. This helped cultivate positive values and establish a caring and inclusive campus.

The students were highly engaged in this experiential activity and showed serious reflection during the debriefing session. We believe that they have gained valuable insights and benefited greatly from it. We have full confidence that all students will become virtuous Lutheranians!