Christmas Singing Contest

The annual Christmas Singing Contest for the Junior Division was successfully held. The Junior Division of the Singing Contest was hosted by 3C PANG Caiyuan, 4C WONG Ching-hei, and 4B WONG Cho-kiu. The Senior Division of the Singing Contest was hosted by 5B CHAN Hau-yi and CHAN Tsz-ching.

Students showcased their talents on stage, aiming to move every audience member with their music. In both the solo and group singing categories, the students delivered outstanding performances, leaving the audience wanting more. The participants delivered exceptional performances that echoed around the school hall, leaving the judges in awe. The competition also featured popular Korean and Japanese music, adding vibrancy to the event. It was difficult to determine the winners as the contest was highly competitive.

Here are the award winners of the singing contest:

Junior Division

Solo Category:
Champion: 3C PANG Caiyuan
1st Runner-up: 1D ZHANG Jiaying
2nd Runner-up: 3A CHANG Sin-ying

Group Category:
Champion: 3A CHANG Sin-ying, 3C PANG Caiyuan

Inter-class Hymn Singing:
Champion: 3C
1st Runner-up: 2D
2nd Runner-up: 3E

Best Collaboration Award: 2D
Best Choreography Award: 3C
Best Arrangement Award: 3E
Most Meaningful Religious Performance Award: 3D
Most Popular Performance Award: PANG Caiyuan

Senior Division

Solo Category:
Champion: 6E POON Yuk-yi
1st Runner-up (Joint): 5B LIN Sin-yu, 6D CHAN Pui-wing
2nd Runner-up: 6A CHAN Ka-yiu

Group Category:
Champion: 6C WONG Chun-ho, WONG Hoi-man, MO Yi-lam
1st Runner-up (Joint): 5A CHEUNG Ying-hing, 5D LIU Wung-yu, 5E CHANG Tsz-ying, 6C WONG Ngai-wa, 6E CHAN Lap-chi, POON Yuk-yi
2nd Runner-up: 6A CHEN Zhen, CHAN Ying-lok, CHIU Kin-hang, TANG Nikki Hiu-laam

Inter-class Hymn Singing Contest:
Champion: 5B
1st Runner-up: 4D
2nd Runner-up: 5D

Best Collaboration Award: 5D
Best Choreography Award: 4D
Best Arrangement Award: 4C
Most Meaningful Religious Performance Award: 5B
Most Popular Performance Award: 6C WONG Chun-ho, WONG Hoi-man, MO Yi-lam

Whether inside or outside the venue, all attendees and participants created precious moments during this year’s Singing Contest. Many Form 6 students joined for the first time, leaving unforgettable memories in their final year at our school. These memories will surely be cherished as they look back fondly on the joyful times at YLLSS in the future.