English Speaking Week – A Week to Remember!

We just had an incredible English Speaking Week at our school, and we couldn’t wait to share all the amazing moments with you!

During the week, our students went above and beyond, engaging in conversations with both English and non-English teachers to earn a signature on their English Speaking passports! It was fantastic to see teachers from different departments supporting our language goals and encouraging us to practice English in a variety of contexts! Let‘s take a look at some of the fantastic activities we had:

Net Channel: All classes tuned in to the channel hosted by our two NETs every morning, where they shared fun facts about animals and challenged students to a riddle race!

Speak and Snack: We transformed our Chit Chat Zone into a bustling tuck shop!  Students confidently ordered their favorite snacks in English! The language flowed, and delicious treats were enjoyed by all!

Cats vs Dogs: Our booth became a haven for all pet lovers! Students gathered to passionately share why they adore cats or dogs more. Some even brought adorable pictures of their furry friends, making hearts melt with cuteness!

Vocabulary Scramble: The excitement was obvious as students teamed up to pick up giant letters and spell out words in a thrilling spelling competition! The room was filled with energy and friendly competition as language skills were put to the test!

Prize Redemption: Our students rocked the English Speaking Week with their language prowess! They proudly redeemed prizes with their English Speaking passport, a tangible reward for their dedication and hard work!

English Speaking Week was an unforgettable celebration of language. We witnessed the power of communication and the joy of expressing ourselves in English. Together, we created a vibrant and English-rich environment that will continue to inspire and empower us!