Exchange Programme with Visiting Donghu Middle School Students and Teachers

Students and teachers from Donghu Middle School, our school’s sister school, have visited us to participate in an exchange programme with our students on the first day of Chinese Cultural Week. Our school’s student ambassadors warmly welcomed the guests during the opening ceremony and the exchange activities.

During the opening ceremony, Principal Mr. WAN expressed the importance of appreciating different cultures between the schools and the students. This appreciation helps our students and, ultimately, the future development of our societies. Principal WANG of Donghu Middle School also expressed gratitude for the increasingly close relations between the two schools and expressed a wish for further cooperation in the future. Additionally, Principal WANG presented us with a gift of great historical significance—an ancient Chinese seal dating back to the Warring States period—as an expression of thanks for our school’s efforts in promoting and continuing Chinese culture.

After the opening ceremony, students from both schools participated in exchange activities, including the traditional carving of watermelon lanterns—an ancient Chinese handicraft. The students also took part in the G Project 3.0 and a school tour during the exchange.

These vibrant activities allowed us and the students from Donghu Middle School to engage in both academic and cultural exchange. We hope that these activities will contribute to the development of a long-lasting and fruitful friendship between our two schools.