High Table Dinner

The High Table Dinner, held on 3rd March 2024, marked the successful culmination of the 23/24 academic year. The event was graced by Principal Mr. WAN and alumna Donna SIT, a graduate from the class of 2011. The dinner brought together the top performers of each class, along with their parents, to celebrate their achievements and foster academic exchange.

Principal Mr. WAN commenced the evening with a welcoming speech, drawing inspiration from Thomas Edison’s invention of the carbon filament lamp. He encouraged students to embrace challenges, break through self-imposed limitations, and persevere in the face of setbacks. He emphasized that dreams and aspirations serve as guiding lights throughout one’s educational journey, embodying the true essence of joyful learning.

Following Principal Mr. WAN’s address, alumna Donna SIT took the stage to share her fond memories of her time at the school. She expressed heartfelt gratitude for the nurturing environment that shaped her. Donna highlighted the uncertainties of life but stressed that accumulating knowledge and experience, along with unwavering faith in the grace of God, empower individuals to navigate through uncharted waters and forge the most fulfilling paths in life.

The High Table Dinner for the Academic High-flyers is a testament to the outstanding academic accomplishments of the awardees and a tribute to the unwavering support of their parents.