Refreshing Day and ‘Let Us Go and Eat Ice Cream’

In collaboration with the Social Service Department of the Christian Hong Kong Lutheran Church, we organized an activity called ‘Let Us Go and Eat Ice Cream’, aiming to promote a joyful learning atmosphere and encourage students to recognize the importance of treating themselves well.

During the event, class teachers first guided the Lutheranians to understand and cultivate a proper attitude of self-care. Afterwards, they wrote down appropriate methods for treating themselves well. Both S.1 and S.6 students participated in various booth games that allowed them to relax their body and mind, so as to learn about treating themselves well.

Teachers and students enjoyed the cool and delicious ice cream together, hoping that everyone could have a sweet treat and gather strength to continue pursuing their goals!

Following the dessert, Lutherans engaged in diverse class activities which aligned with the six virtues of Lutheranians. Students not only deepened their connections with each other but also enhanced peer appreciation and fostered positive values.