Refreshing Day

On a sunny afternoon, our students had the opportunity to visit different places. These activities include but are not limited to exploring astronomy at the Space Museum, appreciating the traditional Lingnan-style architecture at Lingnan Garden, playing group games and chilling on the grasslands at West Kowloon Cultural District Park, as well as taking part in various tabletop games at a board game cafe.

The activities on campus were equally entertaining, as students assembled lantern decorations with red packets, participated in mindfulness activities, played dodgeball, engaged in interactive games, and played board games with their classmates. Our Lutheranians definitely enjoyed each other’s company throughout the entire afternoon.

Learning in Happydemic, with a balance of activity and tranquility
Treasurable memories were shared and a sense of camaraderie was fostered, as each class took advantage of the Refreshing Day after their first exams to relax their minds and bodies.