S1 Orientation Day – Embarking on the Journey of Secondary School Life

As August brims with hope and possibilities, our school organized the ‘S1 Orientation Day’ to warmly welcome new S1 students and parents, preparing them for the upcoming school year!

The event commenced with a piano performance of ‘Remember’ by 3D TSE Tsz-yau Chloe, setting the tone for the day. The Principal, Vice-Principals, and Assistant Principals delivered welcoming speeches and introduced key aspects to students and parents.

In addition, there were captivating jazz and ballet performances by 1C CHAN Zhi-qi and 1D LAU Sum-yee respectively. The school handbell team concluded the event with a remarkable performance, showcasing our school’s musical development to the parents and new students.

In the second part, S1 students met their class teachers to familiarize themselves with classmates and engage in class-related activities. Simultaneously, parents had the opportunity to learn about school measures, study techniques, and on-campus/off-campus activities through presentations by department heads and subject coordinators. These interactions are believed to prepare the students, brimming with immense potential, for a successful journey alongside their families and the school.

The relationship between the school and parents is likened to a pair of chopsticks, always of the same length, moving in the same direction, and closely connected. May the S1 students, throughout the next six years, discover their strengths and shine brightly through the collaborative and close partnership between their families and the school.