S1 Orientation Day – School Commence

To welcome and equip S1 students and parents for the new school year, our school has organized S1 Orientation Day for the second time.

The Orientation Day kicked off with a piano performance by S1C YAU Hau-ching, following by a welcome speech delivered by our principal Mr. WAN and school policies introduced by the vice-principals and assistant principals. Students and parents had a great time enjoying the Dance performance showcased by S1A CHAN Hiu-ki and a fabulous show from our Western Orchestra team.  S1 students also received a book “Synchronized and Others Works” which was the second masterpiece written by S6D YEUNG Cho-yiu Cinderella in order to encourage the new comers to dream big.

After recess, S1 students greeted their class teachers and classmates for class affairs, while school panels shared with parents about learning tactics and school life in YLLSS. Parents and students could learn more about our school and prepared for the extraordinary journey.

Despite the ever-changing society, students here can enjoy learning and pursuing one’s dream. S1 students will be well-equipped in the following six years and become the pillars of Hong Kong in foreseeable future.  Best wishes to our S1 students!