Student Leadership Development Blueprint-Student Leadership Adventure Training

Following the “Videography with Leadership Creative Experience Camp” held in August, we organized the “Student Leadership Adventure Training” on 18th September. A group of student leaders participated in an adventure activity planned by the Hong Kong Award for Young People – The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Training Camp, which aimed to enhance problem-solving skills, communication skills, and team management, among other important leadership qualities.

During the training, teachers also shared their own stories. Ms. LAM Lai-yin and Ms. CHEUNG Yee-ki shared their experiences in managing teams through their presentations titled “No Regrets in Youth – My Days in the Chinese Society” and “Daring President – The Hunger-Free Sports Day,” respectively. They emphasized the importance of understanding the strengths, personalities, and responsibilities of team members and leaders. Mr. CHAN Lun-pok shared insights on “Reviving Boy Scout Leadership,” highlighting the importance of perseverance when facing difficulties. Ms. LIN On-yi pointed out that empathy is a valuable tool for strengthening team cohesion. And Mr. LUI Kwan-ho reminded the students about the significance of the school emblem.

Finally, Vice-Principal Ms. TANG Chi-lai shared “The Vision of a Leader,” discussing how to make choices and decisions with a broader and higher perspective. We value the growth process of our students, and regardless of whether they are junior high or senior high students, they can serve others, inspire potential, and become socially influential figures by taking on diverse and enriching leadership roles.

At our school, opportunities are everywhere, and we believe that our students will shine brightly in the future, illuminating others and becoming servant leaders with an international outlook.

We look forward to the next step: the “Utilizing AI for Promotional Activities” workshop.