YLLSS Information Day 2022/23 S1 Admission Talk

Followed by the school tour, the YLLSS Information Day received an overwhelming response with over 3000 applicants. Apart from the live talk at the Hall, a live broadcast of the talk has been held at the Multi-purpose Activity Room and classrooms on the 1st to 4th floor for the overwhelming number of visitors.

At the Admission talk, Principal Mr. WAN shared his view on the theme – “Happydemic for the Future” with the audience. In addition, our school provides a great variety of activities for students so as to enrich the “happydemic” environment at school. We emphasize not only on the academic performance of the students, but also on their personal growth. Subsequently, Vice-principal Ms. TANG has invited parents of 1C CHAN Hau-ching, 4B CHAN Hau-yi and 2C CHAN Bernice to share the remarkable moments and changes of their children after studying at our school. Then, Vice-Principal Mr. TAM explained the details of the S1 interview. At the end of the talk, Principal Mr. WAN, Vice-principals and Assistant Principals instantly answered questions from the parents at the Hall and classrooms in the Question & Answer session enthusiastically so that parents could have a better picture of the school vision and future development of our school.