2021-2022 The 54th Speech Day and Awards Ceremony

After studying in YLLSS for 6 years, S6 students finally graduated today! Graduation not only represents the end of one stage of life but also the beginning of another stage. We wish all graduates a bright future!

It is our honour to invite Mr. LIU Kin-wa Kinson, Chairman of Chung Chi College Alumni Association and YLLSS Outstanding Alumnus, as the officiating guest. With more than 20 years of experience as a Lutheranian, he encourages the graduates to pursue their dreams, and contribute to the country. The ceremony ended successfully with the blessings of Supervisor Rev. LAM Yat-kwan Jenny, School managers, Principal, members of the Parent-Teacher Association and alumni.

In addition, in order to thank their alma mater for the cultivation, the S6 graduates designed a picture with a quote from Sidney Hook. Apart from drawing the painting for the Supervisor and the Principal, they also turned it into bookmarks and presented it to every teacher. It is believed that they will not forget the school’s teachings to them, and will face the challenges in the future with the love of YLLSS and overcome difficulties one after another.