2023-2024 Global Program 3.0- Global Project

The third meeting of the Global Project (G Project) was held on 11th March 2024. After the student presentations on local food culture by Fukui Prefectural Usui High School (Japan), J. F. Oberlin Junior and Senior High School (Japan), and our school, students from Donghu Middle School in Pinghu (Mainland China), and Lingnan Middle School (Hong Kong) demonstrated the making of zongzi(the Dragon Boat Festival rice dumpling) and egg waffles real-time online, introducing the cultural significance behind.

After three months of online exchanges, this year’s G Project has successfully come to an end. At the closing ceremony, students showcased their learning outcomes, not only displaying the diversity of food from different regions but also expressing the rich cultural meanings behind them. Participants freely shared their insights and experiences in the G Project. Principal Yukako Nojiri of Fukui Prefectural Usui High School mentioned in her speech that the G Project was a precious opportunity that provided a platform for students from different regions to communicate and broaden their horizons.

The G Project promotes cultural exchange through food, deepens students’ understanding of different cultures, fosters friendships across cultures, and broadens students’ worldview, making them the next generation with an international perspective.