A Geography Field Trip to Ma Shi Chau 2021: The Geo Gallery in Hong Kong and “the teacher of the nature”

A group of S5 geography students longed for their visit to Ma Shi Chau to conduct a field study after the class resumption. They were so excited to investigate the sedimentary rocks there which were formed about 280 million years ago, the second oldest rocks in Hong Kong.

Guided by teachers, our geographers experienced a thorough research process with their five senses. Besides observation, they used their hands to feel the differences between the textures of sandstones, siltstones and mudstones. They made use of maps, ranging poles, clinometers, measuring tapes and compasses to collect data. They examined the distinctive geological features, such as faults and folds, formed by ancient plate movements. Last but not least, they also learnt about the coastal depositional landform, i.e. the tombolo, formed by continuous coastal processes and weathering.

Through active learning in the field trip, more students can apply what they have learnt in class and enhance their understandings of geological theories.

We explored the beauty of Ma Shi Chau! This is the connection of our geographers.