ACAVIVA! A cappella Showcase

Our school’s A cappella teams (Eureka VIII, Uni, Cateena) are honored to be invited to perform at the “ACAVIVA! A cappella Showcase” on 30 April 2023. This concert is organized by the non-profit organization “Forzando Foundation Limited” in Hong Kong, which recently established an A cappella team for visually impaired persons to boost their confidence. During the sharing session, students were able to learn how people with visually impairment feel and express music.

Our A cappella teams were led by teacher Ms. CHIU Tsz-sun and alumni Mr. CHEUNG Pak-lam. They have performed three songs, including Uni’s “A Millions Dreams”, Eureka VIII’s “Follow Your Dreams” and Cateena’s “原始心態”. They want to inspire everyone to embrace their dreams and pursue them bravely. Their performance was fantastic and received applause from the audience. There were different primary and secondary school A cappella teams participating in the performance, sharing ideas, and learning from each other, as well as professional music producer providing singing advice.

Members of Eureka VIII:
2C PENG Cayuan, 2C TO Wing-tung, 2E CHANG Sin-ying, 4A CHAN Tsz-ping, 4C TANG Long-yin Issac, 4D FONG Chun-yung, 5C LIU Cheuk-hang, 5C WONG Hoi-man

Members of Uni:
2A CHEUNG Wun-yu, 2C LAU Tsz-yan, 2C LEUNG Yu-hin, 4A LAM Heung-ying, 4B WONG Cheuk-him, 4A LUI Kwan-lam, 5A LEE Tsz-fung

Members of Cateena:
2C CHOI Sin-yan, 3D CHAN Cho-chak, 3E CHAN Hiu-lam, 4B CHEUNG Man-ching, 4D TSANG Tsz-lun, 5A TANG Hui-yin