Believer – Roar

Believer, the A cappella group of our school, proudly presents the cover of “Roar”. As the name of the group implies, we believe tomorrow will be better. We believe the epidemic will go away soon. We believe the patients will recover. We believe in hope and it leads us together.

Under the instruction of Miss Chiu and tutor Peace, Believer shows their support to the front-line medics with their beautiful voice, in the hope to spread positive energy under the pandemic.

“Roar” is a song about encouragement. Encouraging people to be strong and to cheer up when holding the enthusiasm towards life. We roar louder than a lion to support and accompany the medical and nursing staff serving in the fifth wave of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Every cloud has a silver lining. We wish that Hongkonger can all stand together and watch out for each other. Let’s be hopeful in the fight against the pandemic!

Medical staff dedicates themselves
Front-line devotes themselves
Love is always there under the Lion Rock
We are always here beside each other

We would like to thank the medical staff again for their unfailing care to the patients and wish all patients a speedy recovery.