Benevolence Pok Oi Kong Ha Wai Village Service – Welcoming Spring and Bringing ‘Blessings’ to ‘TH’ residents

To spread happiness, our Lutheranians, went to Pok Oi Hospital to turn love into actions and bring warmth to the residents.

Principal Mr. WAN, together with 1D CHAN Yu-tung, 3B CHUNG Pui-yee, 4A ZHONG Yihui Steven, and 5D Li Yingzhu, wrote blessings for the residents. Other Lutheranians also gifted couplets and blessing sachets to the residents, while helping Pok Oi Hospital to deliver New Year cakes to them. The residents highly praised the Lutheranians for their talents and for dedicating what they have learned to the community, which they found truly commendable.

The Lutheranians felt very fortunate and thanked the school for giving them the opportunity to bring warmth to the residents of Kong Ha Wai. They look forward to the chance to meet again.