Buddies from PHCPS joining our Chinese Culture Week

On the last day of Chinese Culture Week, teachers and students from Pat Heung Central Primary School were invited to enjoy some activities in our school.

Accompanied by the Lutheranians, the buddies first attended the weekly assembly and learned about the etiquette, costumes and music art of Chinese culture. They then took a tour to the library, another corner with the ambiance of Chinese culture on campus. Afterwards, they moved to the Co-space and participated in booth activities organized by our students. In the end, a calligrapher Ms. LEE Sau-lan taught everyone to write a few words on the red papers, wishing everyone a prosperous year of the rabbit.

Every time Lutheranians meet with their buddies friends, there is an opportunity for them to know and interact with each other. It is hoped that the students of the two schools can meet up again soon, continue to learn and appreciate each other’s unique culture, and grow together!