Campus Stress Relief: YLLSS Transforms Report Cards into Student Development Reports and Implements Monthly Refreshing Days to Reduce Homework Load

The mental health of students in Hong Kong has drawn social attention. Two years ago, our school introduced the concept of “Happydemic”, promoting the idea that students should pursue growth and balance their study schedules, rather than solely focusing on grades. Prior to the Education Bureau’s initiative in November to foster a caring campus culture across all schools in Hong Kong, our school had already implemented various measures in both academics and student activities to help students alleviate stress and prioritize personal growth, encouraging them to enjoy their campus life. Our Principal Mr. WAN was invited by HK01 for an interview in November, where he shared the practices of creating a joyful learning campus, providing students with a warm and nurturing educational environment.

Furthermore, student growth is highly valued by the school itself. The school previously transformed report cards into “Student Development Reports,” where exam results only accounted for one-third of the overall evaluation, and the remaining two-thirds focusing on students’ interests, attitudes, and participation in subjects. This approach not only recognizes students’ daily performance but also reduces exam-related stress. In addition to teachers’ comments, the report allows students to reflect and share their own thoughts.