Chinese Culture Week

The theme of the Chinese Culture Week this year is “Knowing the Book”, which is rich and wonderful. We were honored to invite Dr. CHUI Pui-chee, a famous calligrapher and ink-wash painter in Hong Kong, to share his experience on learning calligraphy. Students were encouraged by the visit.

In the session of “Five Blessings”, Dr. CHUI personally demonstrated the word “blessing” in calligraphy, implying blessing. Principal Mr. WAN, Mr. LEE (a parent of our student, LEE Atomu), Calligraphy Ms. LEE Sau-lan, and 3B ZHONG Yihui Steven came to the stage to create their “blessings”. Each person also shared his/her perception of the blessing character and the New Year blessings for everyone. Students also learned wrote their own “blessing” with happiness and gratitude, and completed the “A Hundred Blessings” altogether.

In addition to the word “Bless”, Dr. CHUI wrote our school motto – “Rectify Mind Cultivate Person” and shared his calligraphy skills. All students worked hard and fulfilled their works. We could felt everyone’s enthusiasm and seriousness of learning calligraphy. Calligraphy is one of the most valuable cultures of the Chinese nation. Today’s “A Hundred Blessings” activity allows students to feel the profoundness of calligraphy as it is both text and art. We have greatly benefited from this!