Chinese Culture Week Weekly Assembly

In order to enhance students’ understanding of Chinese culture, a video on learning Chinese traditional etiquette and explaining the traditional etiquette of “sitting, standing and walking” to the whole school was shown during the weekly meeting. The video was conceptualized by teachers and students, filmed and edited by the students themselves, and set to music by the guzheng, showing that our students not only know how to read and write, but also have many talents! In the part of Chinese costume display and introduction, members of the Chinese Club and non-Chinese students put on Chinese costumes of different dynasties to show and introduce the diverse characteristics of ancient Chinese costumes to the whole school, and learn about the evolution of Chinese history and cultural and aesthetic awareness through the costumes.

After that, Vice Principal Mr. TAM, Chinese panel Ms. KU and Ms. FAN presented the prizes of the Hard-pencil Calligraphy Competition and the Guangzheng Couplet Competition respectively. The champion of the junior group was 1E LAM Hin-ying, the first runner-up was 3B ZHONG Yihui Steven, and the second runner-up was 1A XU Linxuan; the champion of the senior group was 4D LI Yingzhu, the first runner-up was 5A WONG Tsz-ching, and the second runner-up was 4B CHAN Tsz-wai. As for Guangzheng Couplet Competition, the champion was 3D WONG Ching-hei; the first runner-up was 1E HON Siu-ming and the second runner-up was 3C LIN Ka-yan, TAN Yuxi and LEUNG Hau-kiu. Congratulations to the above winners!

The final performance was performed by 4C XU Ka-kwan, who played the guzheng.

With the end of the music, the Chinese Culture Week came to a perfect end. We hope everyone will have a better understanding and interest in Chinese culture and integrate it into their daily lives!