Christmas Hymn Singing Contest 2022

All classes were fully engaged during the Hymn Singing Contest. The performances were extraordinary, displaying excellent team spirit between students and teachers with songs embracing our Mighty God. In the solo and group singing sessions, the students also showed their love for acting and singing, which made people marvel at God’s creation and the gifts bestowed on everyone!

Junior Form
Solo Singing:
Vocal Performance – Champion: 2C PENG Caiyuan

Group Singing:
Champion: 2D NG Pak-ki, 2D YU Yee
First Runner-up: 3D WONG Ching-hei, 3A SO Yan-hei
Second Runner-up: 3D CHAN Maia, 3D LEE Sze-yan

Interclass Hymn Singing:
Vocal Performance – Champion: Class 2C
Vocal Performance – First Runner-up: Class 1D
Vocal Performance – Second Runner-up: Class 1C
Vocal Performance – Third Runner-up: Class 2D

Best Staging: Class 2C
Best Collaboration: Class 2D
Best Music Arrangement: Class 3D
Most Popular Performance: Class 2C (Interclass)
Senior Form
Solo Singing:
Champion: 4B CHEUNG Man-ching
First Runner-up: 5E POON Yuk-yi
Second Runner-up: 4A CHAN Tsz-ping

Group Singing
Champion: 5E CHAN Lap-chi, 5E POON Yuk-yi
First Runner-up: 6A CHAN Hoi-yan, 6A CHING Sin
Second Runner-up: 4A CHAN Tsz-ping, 4B CHEUNG Man-ching, 4D LUI Kwan-lam

Interclass Hymn Singing
Champion: Class 5C
First Runner-up: Class 5E
Second Runner-up: Class 5D
Third Runner-up: Class 4A

Best Staging: Class 5C
Best Collaboration: Class 4A
Best Music Arrangement: Class 5E
Most Popular Performance: 6A CHAN Hoi-yan, 6A CHING Sin (Group Singing)