Experience Chinese traditions from making Lunar New Year pastries

During the Lunar New Year, we have the custom of eating rice cakes during the New Year. It is said that they have the meaning of “celebrating on the harvest of the five grains” and which you will be taller and healthier after eating!

Before the Lunar New Year, the Parent-Teacher Association prepared a special course for making festival related pastries, and invites Ms.YAU Pui-sze, one of the school-based curriculum SALep’s creative cooking class instructors, to make Lunar New Year pastries – such as “年年有餘” and “福兔”. It is an opportunity for us to send blessings to relatives, friends, and promote Chinese culture and New Year customs at the same time!

Parents and students actively participated in the cooking class, and deeply felt that the pastry is not only a delicious food, but also has a profound meaning that has inherited the hope and confidence of our country in the Lunar New Year.