Geography Department “Walk with Scholars 2024”

Today, the Geography Department organized the “Walk with Scholars 2024” and invited Professor LAM Chi-chung, an adjunct professor from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Professor LAM is a renowned scholar in the field of geography education and is passionate about research and teaching in the discipline.

Professor LAM is the teacher of Vice Principal Miss TANG Chi-lai and Miss NG Tsoi-shan during their study in Geography Education at CUHK. This event brings the three generations of geography teachers together and exchange with geography students. It is truly a valuable gathering for us!

Through their interaction with Professor LAM, students had a glimpse through his career in Geography education at secondary school and the University and gained insights on their own career paths. They learnt how to learn well as a student and teach well as a teacher. During the event, Professor LAM shared the qualities required to become a successful and responsible educator. He emphasized the importance of passion and dedication to the field of education in a sense that “learning should never cease”.

Furthermore, Professor LAM reminded students that “diligence leads to success; idleness leads to failure.” He highlighted the key to learning is to manage time well, organise own notes and share with others to solidify their learning. This will definitely improve their academic performance. At the same time, Geography is lively. It is important for students to apply their knowledge of geography in their daily lives, fostering a better understanding and application of what they have learned. By strategically practicing and integrating geography into their life, students will undoubtedly achieve good results in the discipline.