Geography – Walk with Scholars 2023

On 13th April, a group of Lutheran Geographers visited the Department of Geography and Resource Management and the Department of Urban Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. They participated in a “place-making” workshop and visited the world’s first climate change-themed Jockey Club Climate Change Museum.

Professor NG Mee-kam, who has rich background in urban planning, shared with students about “community design” and how it can enhance the happiness of a community. She emphasized that through different urban planning principles and public space design, communities can be built based on people’s needs. Students also followed Professor NG to evaluate the design of public spaces on the university campus and gained practical experience.

On that day, students learned about the challenges faced by different regions around the world under global warming at the Jockey Club Climate Change Museum. Students from the Department of Geography and Resource Management carefully explained to our students in the permanent exhibition halls such as the polar corridor, satellite remote sensing, and environmental monitoring exhibition halls. These exhibitions made students feel as if they were in the polar region, experiencing the threats faced by endangered species such as polar bears, penguins, and seals due to global warming. Afterwards, we also learned about different tree and biological species along the Lake Ad Excellentiam, reflecting on the relationship between humans and the natural environment. Learning amidst the beautiful scenery of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, students were highly engaged.

Finally, we also had the opportunity to visit the Earth Sciences Department and the Urban Research Studio to chat with professors and learn more about climate change.