Inter-class three-on-three basketball tournament

The first inter-class three-on-three basketball tournament came to a successful end. After three years, the large-scale school sports event was held again, and the playground was once again filled with a lively atmosphere. After intense competition, class 5B won the championship in the men’s senior division, while class 3C dominated the men’s junior and women’s open divisions. They cooperated closely in the game and achieved such excellent results with their outstanding basketball skills and strong team spirit, which is worth celebrating!

Basketball games have always been dominated by traditional five-on-five matches. However, with the increasing popularity of three-on-three matches, which have even become one of the events in Olympics, the school ride the wave of this trend and held the first inter-class three-on-three basketball tournament, allowing students to experience the taste of three-on-three basketball. The tournament was conducted with a double elimination format, attracting about 200 students from 33 teams and featuring 60 exciting games.

We would like to express special thanks to all the hardworking staff members, without those efforts and hard work, the tournament would not have been able to run smoothly.

Sportsmanship and teamwork are the most important parts of sports competition. Regardless of winning or losing, we should respect each other and show the superior and loving virtues of being a Lutheranian.

Finally, congratulations to all the participating students. Regardless of your results, your hard work and efforts on the court are worthy of our admiration.