Happydemic in YLLSS Relax, Recharge & Refresh

There is a saying that rest is for the sake of a longer journey. While we are pursuing excellence in academic, we shall strike a balance between learning and relaxing.

Happydemic is not only a slogan in YLLSS, the second Refreshing Day was successfully held on 20 Oct, 2022.  By discussing with peers and teachers, students were able to build the team spirit in class as well as enhancing their communication skills. Despite playing dodgebee, badminton and board games, students could have a chance to explore the world outside schools with peers. Appreciated the sponsorship by charity “Blessvision Foundation”, students went to watch The Warriors of a Future in the cinema and chilled out in Tuen Mun Town Park on the Refreshing Day.

May we all wind down, adjust our pace and build good memories together.