High Table Dinner for Outstanding Students

The High Table Dinner for Outstanding Students was held in the evening of 3rd March to express the warmest blessing for all high achievers. Over 200 students and parents shared their insight of achieving exceptional academic performance. Before the ceremony, our principal Mr. Wan gave a heart-warming speech to congratulate our students on their excellent performance. In addition, we would like to appreciate Mr. Leo Chiu Yung for sponsoring the event. Also, it was our pleasure to invite our alumni Mr. Liu Kin Wa, the branch officer of Bank of China, to be our honorable and distinguished guest speaker. Mr. Liu also talked about his treasurable memories in YLLSS, and his thoughts on the qualities to be future pioneers with our students. At last, he encouraged our students to learn from each other, and be humble and open when faced with adversity.
Apart from celebrating the excellent achievements of the outstanding students, a fund-raising booth from “Walk with Lutheranians” was set up to raise funds for families with extra financial support.
Please click HERE for the list of our outstanding students.