Hoi Ha Wan Oceanographer Field Trip

The geography department held a field trip to Hoi Ha Wan on 4th March. Our junior geographers explored the coastal landscape there. They enjoyed lunch on the beach and learnt about the formation of some landforms, such as spur and mangroves, in the area.

Then, our students paid a visit to the Hoi Ha Wan Marine Life Centre for field study and the specially designed glass-bottomed boat ride. In the field study, students learnt how to collect atmospheric and marine data with different instruments. They experienced the duties of oceanographers and enjoyed the team work.

Thanks to the weather that day, we could see different coral habitats clearly under the crystal-like seawater and cozy sunlight. The fascinated corals have made our day!

Through the trip, our Lutheran Geographers have reflected on the impact of climate change to coral reefs and recognized the importance of marine conservation.