Hong Kong Economic Journal – The Fantastic 6 of The E.L.C.H.K. Yuen Long Lutheran Secondary School achieves 90% university entrance rate

In recent years, the school has focused on the development of HappyDemic, which advocates “work hard, play hard”, allowing students to recuperate from their studies and achieve physical, mental and spiritual health. In these years, the school promoted Arts Friday, Global Classroom – overseas exchange tours, and “Student Development Report”, replacing traditional report cards, emphasizing STEM development, etc., to strive along the path of becoming an internationalized subsidized middle school. In the interview, Principal Mr. WAN shared his life and study experience in secondary school: “I need to read aloud the content before I memorize them, so I wait until my family goes to sleep in the early morning, and I read while pacing in the living room, sometimes hugging my dog while studying.

Our students have done well in the HKDSE and nearly 90% of them are admitted to local and overseas universities in recent years. In addition to promoting happy learning, the school also attaches great importance to the development of different academic disciplines and diversified options such as providing Literature in English classes which is not common in Hong Kong, for students to pursue further education. Ms. CHEUNG Yee-ki, head of the Career Guidance Committee, also shared her experience of seeing students find their interests and aspirations in life and succeed in their dreams.