Information Day 2021

Event Highlights 重點活動

11/12/2021 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.   S1 Admission Talk [Additional Session]
二零二一年十二月十一日 下午2:00 – 下午4:00   中一入學簡介會(於本校舉行) [加開場次]

12/12/2021 2:00p.m. – 4:00 p.m.   Live Interaction
二零二一年十二月十二日 下午2:00 – 下午4:00  網上互動環節
‧ Fun Filled Game Time 網上學習體驗
‧ The Chatter Zone 網上交流環節

Live Interaction Highlights 網上互動環節

Foreign Language – Japanese (Be a Japanese detective!)
Are you an accidental Japanese speaker? Have you ever noticed any words you use in Cantonese that actually come from Japanese? Come and explore some common hidden Japanese words in our everyday life!

Foreign Language – German (German is Fun! Deutsch macht Spaß!)
German is difficult to learn, many would say. However, can you believe that you already know some German words before you even start learning it? Unbelievable right? German and English are similar in many ways.

International Cultural Exchange Committee (Fun with Emojis)
Are you an expert in text messaging? Are you good at guessing emoji? If so, ‘Fun with Emojis’ is the perfect game to play! You’ll be shown emoji stories and phrases to guess. You’ll also be listening to a song and guess what the emoji is in the lyrics! Test your skills and see if you’re an emoji expert!

International Cultural Exchange Committee (What’s this Film?)
Are you a movie buff? How much do you know about English movies? ‘What’s this Film?’ is an exciting game where you will compete with others in guessing the movie title based on pictures of fictional characters. This is a game that tests your memory and your speed!

International Cultural Exchange Committee (Wheel of Words)
Sharpen your English skills with this popular guessing game. Just spin the money wheel and choose a letter you believe might be in the hidden puzzle phrase before the time runs out! But spin the wheel at your own risk! You could win BIG or lose a turn. If you like the game ‘Hangman’, this game is the ultimate choice for you. With more explosive fun, lights, music and action than ever before. Come and win with WHEEL OF WORDS!

Mathematics (Battle Ship)
Do you want to learn Mathematics through playing games? With the game in battle ship, you can learn rectangular coordinates system easily. Come and join us.
來! 跟我們學數學玩遊戲吧! 一起學坐標玩Battle Ship遊戲來分勝負!

Science – Integrated Science (Let It Glow)
Student will learn how to complete a circuit by connecting a conductor (aluminium foil) and a battery (button cell) to light up a light bulb (LED light bulb).  Student can also have fun to make a creative design on the paper card.
同學透過將導電體、電池正確的接駁,形成閉合電路,使LED小燈泡亮著。同學亦可在心意卡上進行創作,從而享受STEM 教育的樂趣。

Science – Biology (Strawberry Secret)
DNA extraction is the first step of all Biotechnology experiments. In this activity, you will learn how to extract the DNA from food, or even from YOU.

Science – Physics (Physics in Daily Life)
Beauty in physics can easily be demonstrated using objects at your fingertips, come and join us!

Visual Arts (Be an Artist in 15 Minutes)
The well-known artist Andy Warhol once said “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” For 15 minutes we might not be a famous individual, but we can definitely be an artist! See how talented you already are in our session!

Geography (Geography Channel)
Welcome to the YLLSS Geography Channel! The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. We made a series of videos about the latest hot issues relating to Geography. Come and join our interactive video-watching game. Remember to hold your breath while looking into our stunning world.