Launching Ceremony of Chinese Culture Week

The Chinese New Year holiday has ended, and students are returning to campus to start another chapter of the academic year. This chapter starts with the annual event of our school – “Chinese Culture Week” which aims to add fun to students’ growth and learning journey.

The theme of this year’s Chinese Culture Week is “Appreciating Chinese and Cultivating Elegance (賞國學·品風雅)”. We hope that students can appreciate the beauty of Chinese culture through various colorful activities such as performing arts, game booths, and exhibition displays. This year, we are honored to invite Ms. FAN Meiyan(范梅艷), the 26th generation descendant of FAN Zhongyan, who has won awards such as the Top Ten Outstanding Women in Contemporary China, the Top Ten Outstanding Women in Chinese Public Welfare, and the Top Ten Annual Contributions to Chinese Education, to attend the opening ceremony of the Chinese Culture Week as the president of the Fan Zhongyan Foundation. Her speech officially kick-started this year’s Chinese Culture Week.

In addition, our school was also honored to invite the teachers and students of Donghu Middle School to join the ceremony together. At the launch ceremony, our school principal Mr. WAN delivered a welcome speech, and then Ms. FAN shared her insights on learning Chinese culture. Then, our school played the video of Chinese Culture Week. The video not only introduced the characteristics of Chinese clothes made in Tang, Song and Ming dynasties, but also taught the skills of tea-making by the newly established Tea Art Society this year. Afterwards, our school’s Chinese cultural ambassadors appeared in Tang, Song, and Ming style costumes. There were also wonderful performances by the China Drum Society, Class 4C (the champion of the Speech Festival Choral Speaking competition) and student (4B)ZHANG Xiaoyu, who attained Grade 10 in the China Dance Grade Examination of Beijing Dance Academy.