Literature in English—‘Walk with Scholars’

The Literature in English students of our school engaged in an in-depth exploration of Romanticism with Professor LI Ou from the Department of English at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in the ‘Walk with Scholars’ programme. In the early 19th century, literary works broke through traditional boundaries and showcased remarkable artistic achievements. Literary works were filled with intense emotions and passion, while expressing reverence for the magnificent and grandeur of nature.

During the exchange, Professor LI and the students delved into how the works reflected the genuine emotions of contemporary poets, led by lord Byron, William Blake, and Coleridge. Professor LI also analyzed Percy Pysshe Shelley’s renowned poem ‘Ozymandias’ together with the students, fostering mutual exchange on literary criticism and analysis to deepen their understanding of poetry.

After the exchange session, Professor LI shared her personal insights with each student regarding her literary journey. She encouraged them to maintain an open mindset in exploring the hidden meanings of works, analyze the stylistic features, and form independent interpretations.

This academic exchange not only enriched the students’ understanding of Romanticism but also enabled them to gain a deeper appreciation of the value and significance of Literature.