Meet Professor Kishore: A Dialogue with Young Students in Hong Kong

Our students participated in a seminar organised by the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute and Yew Chung Yew Wah Education Network, and were given a chance to engage in a meaningful conversation with Professor Kishore MAHBUBANI, who previously served as the Permanent Representative of Singapore to the United Nations and held the office of President at the United Nations Security Council.

Professor Kishore shared with students three important concepts which were indispensable to current international relations: Geopolitics, Global Governance and Good Governance. Apart from sharing his personal diplomatic experiences, he also interacted with students and answered their questions about international relations, economy, administration, as well as future international developments.

This highly informative and intellectual seminar has widened students’ global vision, making them understand that effective communication is the key to solving the complex problems between different countries. Meanwhile, under globalisation, countries do not only have to deal with their own problems, but they also need to handle global issues, for instance, climate change, collectively through concerted efforts

Developing students’ global perspective allows them to see a bigger world and become a global citizen with a wider vision.