Music Balcony

This music balcony program is a mix of choir and instruments which enchanted the audience with their captivating performance. For the symphony, there was a show choir presenting “Koseen”, which describes the origin story of the constellations, an a cappella choir with “Magical Random Potion”, “Stellar Moments of Humankind” and “Wonderland”. For the instrumental solos and repertoire, students performed a number of pieces such as “Homura”, the classic song “Piano Sonata – Pathétique” by Beethoven and “Romanza” by Francis Borens from the 20th century, which added a new dimension to the performance.

This year’s Music Balcony has come to an end, and as the saying goes, “Music is our second language”. We thank our Heavenly Father for giving us this unique method of communication that cleanses our hearts and empowers us, and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!